Sonja By Soja Morgan

Sonja Morgan New York

10x increase in sales

329% increase in new website users 

62% increase in email revenue

60,000 email addresses acquired 

45,000 social followers gained

Website Design

Digital Marketing

Email & SMS

Social Media


Sonja By Sonja Morgan came to us from BigCommerce where traffic was not converting. We migrated them to Shopify and designed their website until finding a nonlisted theme that is lightning fast and robust enough to handle their large catalog.


We also took over all their digital marketing from Email, Retargeting Ads, SEM, and Affiliates. We implemented A/B testing and other CRO techniques on their home and PDP pages to increase the conversion rate by 26%. We also drastically reduced their return rate by implementing an enterprise return solution where customers are incentivized to make exchanges. Previously on Mailchimp, they were doing less than 10% of revenue from email. After we migrated them to Klaviyo they are generating almost 30-40% of revenue from email, much of this from automated flows. Other major wins have Google Shopping, custom JustUno lead magnets, giveaways, working with influencers, and distributing content among various channels.



Malie Organics

7X Average Return on Ad Spend

47% Increase in New Users

19% Increase in Returning Users

Website Design

Facebook & Instagram Ads

CRO Consulting

With both a growing online business and retail stores, this Hawaiian Skincare brand aimed to drive sales and establish themselves as a leader in online luxury beauty beyond their local roots.

In order to scale for long time growth, we built custom 1% look-a-like audiences, specifically focusing on the beauty affinity category resulting in a 47% increase in new customers. Refining our message and creative around ‘tropical beauty’ and introducing the brand with video collection and DABA ads, we were able to broaden to 3% and 5% look-a-like audiences to drive brand recall, ultimately increasing sales significantly year over year.

We have also resigned Malie's website two years in a row, the latest project installing OOTSB Flex.

ICU Banner copy.jpg



ICU Eyewear

ICU Health

29% Increase in new users

3.7x Avg Return on Ad Spend

16% increase in AOV

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Google Shopping

Affiliate Program

CRO consulting


As the sole eyewear supplier to Wholefoods and large retail presence in Target, ICU needed a way to target brick-and-mortar customers looking to buy online as well as differentiate from their competitors to prospect for new customers. We used a combination of Facebook, display, and Google Shopping to add multiple touchpoints in the customer journey.


Since ICU is sold on many other platforms, including Amazon, we featured their exclusive styles, focusing on fashion-forward frames to increase click-through rate. We helped ICU boost their organic SEO by adjusting their metadata, keywords in their product listings, and photography with a combination of manual strategies and Shopify applications. Within two months they were ranking above all of their competitors, significantly increasing sales from organic search.



Tailor Vintage

47% increase in sales

71.17% increase in new website users 

300% increase in email revenue

11,000 email addresses acquired 

10,000 social followers gained


Website Design

Influencer Campaign

Facebook Sales Funnels


Social Media

Tailor Vintage is an exploration of fabric and fit, set to the coastal New England style sensibilities of its Connecticut home. A mix of erudite luxury and casual elegance, this family business brings easy and approachable everyday essentials to men of all ages – and their sons – who seek the look of authentic character.

Engaging over 100 influencers, we creatived a massive campaign showing Tailor Vintage's versitle style from diverse backgrounds and ages. We took their Instagram account from a few hundred followers to over 20K within 4 months. With the UCG content generated, we ran facebook ads, retargeting site visitors, and creating prospecting audiences to sustain brand ownership verses their numerous discounters. 

In addition, we set up email automoations ran a robust promotional email calendar which generated over 20% of annual revenue.

Web Design & 

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